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Amplified is a single from D. Tucker's, "Portfolio Day" EP, due for release late April 2013. This track is the prefect...that's it; you complete the sentence when you're Amplified.



[VERSE 1:]

I'm high five-ing,
that's one too many shots,
we need six rings,
let me take it back to the top,
I'm high fiving-ing,
something like,
and Myspace,
I'm on the web,
but I aint a spider, man,
but I make moves quick,
like Spider-man,
like I got eights legs, like a spider, man,
let me slow it down,
no dirty sprite,
just two knots,
I Yacht my life,
we chilling,
and we vibing,
that's the paper chase,
but this is the pre-game,
get messed,
I'm on my level,
top views,
not on the tube,
top views,
just ocean views,
top views,
just city lights,
top views,
but I am
that's high-up.
back to the top, high-fiving,
easy math
that's 2+2+1 grils.


Live you're life,
live you're life,
Everybody get Amplified,
Live you're life,
live you're life,
Everybody get Turned up.
(Repeat 2x)

[VERSE 2:]

And I'm faded as f****,
can't hold my words because they're lubed up,
only right that I,
chop this up and screw this up,
but I can't, screw this up,
Frank Lucas walk,
no small talk,
so I looked at her and I said,
excuse me miss,
what's your name,
she said Mary, I said Jane,
and I'm kissing on her filters,
cause it's all the same,
can somebody please help me,
because I am,
so amplified,
and I'm wilding out because we're young.


Live you're life,
live you're life,
Everybody get Amplified,
Live you're life,
live you're life,
Everybody get Turned up.
(Repeat 2x)

[VERSE 3:]

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
I'm talking to you,
I'm the most Amplified,
of them all.
I'm turned up,
I hope that,
in the morning,
I wake up,
to cookie-crumbs in the oven,
that's baked up,
on the side of this fine girl,
blowing him like she's,
holding her breath,
underneath the water in the pool,
pardon me y'all
but after you're done,
can I jump in to.
I'm feeling sloppy so I aint frontin' like I aint taking no seconds,
just give me a second,
stop knocking on the door ,
but I'm knocking to,
so I don't know if I'm letting them in or if they're letting me out.
Cause my mind is spinning like the era of Sprewells,
that's a plug to the rock, like Spalding,
hands up if you're balling up,
that just went in,
beer pong,
talk another shot,
I'm Amplified.
I'm tired up.

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released March 17, 2013
(Prod. by Maur-Bass) (Graphic Designed In-house by Nixz)




D. TUCKER Miami, Florida

Based out of Miami, FL, D. TUCKER, better known as Photographer Dwayne Tucker, established himself as one of the regions most unique artists by combining his love for Photography and Music.

Moonlighting as a Commercial Lifestyle Campaign & Advertising Photographer, with passion for capturing Black & White Street Photographs, and Women, Tucker creates collectable photo-shirts for his true fans.
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